BetCity joins forces with NOGA

Amsterdam / The Hague, April 8th 2022. The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (‘NOGA’) welcomes BetCity as its youngest member.

NOGA’s ambition to connect and represent the entire sector has come another important step closer.  Working together and exchanging best practices nationally and internationally, collaborating and thinking along with each other on the (self-) regulatory framework in the Netherlands to ensure robust consumer protection, responsible gambling and a level playing field are the main goals to which NOGA is committed. Only united can the industry make the Dutch online gambling market the success story it should be and therefore it is great news that BetCity has decided to join NOGA.

“NOGA is very pleased with the accession of BetCity. Since the market opened up in October last year, BetCity has – seemingly from nowhere – put itself on the map and acquired a permanent position on the Dutch online gambling market. The company is also fully rooted in the Netherlands and with its headquarters in Amsterdam, it has quickly made its mark on the market. In addition, the commitment of the provider to consumer protection and their dedication to responsible gambling makes BetCity an ideal partner for NOGA and its members. We welcome BetCity and look forward to a good and pleasant collaboration and a bright future together! “said Peter-Paul de Goeij, managing director of NOGA.

Melvin Bostelaar, CEO of BetCity says: “BetCity has grown in a short time and become a prominent player in the Dutch gambling market. The Netherlands benefits from a well-functioning and regulated gambling market. Cooperation of providers in a respected sector organisation such as NOGA is of great importance. Like us, NOGA takes consumer protection and responsible gaming very seriously. We look forward to making a valuable contribution to this within NOGA.”

About NOGA

The Netherlands Online Gambling Association NOGA, is the industry association and advocate for providers of online gambling who are committed to a safe, responsible and attractive online gambling offer in the Netherlands.

About BetCity
On the 1st of October, BetCity launched on the regulated Dutch online gambling market. From our passion for gambling, our goal was to offer the best Dutch online gaming platform. To realise our ambition, we only work with reputable partners. For our sportsbook we use the famous and award-winning company Kambi. For our platform we have a partnership with Oryx, listed on the Nasdaq. All money flows of BetCity are handled by the Dutch company Adyen. By working together with these companies, we not only guarantee the quality of the offer, but also the safety of our players. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our offer in a responsible way. Therefore, we are available 24/7: by phone, by e-mail and via our live-chat. An extensive team of qualified employees is responsible for this. BetCity is located in the Netherlands, BetCity is a 100% Dutch company.