Applying for NOGA membership

The current annual fee is 100,000 euro per annum, ex 21% VAT which may be shifted if foreign.

If, for example, the modest size of the applicant gives cause to do so, the Board may, upon request, decide to deviate from the standard annual fee.

For this you get:
I. A seat on the Board of Directors; and
II. Full voting rights; and
III. All the benefits of the trade organisation, such as:

+ First hand in market information, regular news updates and regulatory heads up (weekly updates);
+ PA, lobby and representation with all governmental stakeholders, MP’s, market players + access to ministry of justice and Ksa;
+ Possibility to participate in joint initiatives and consultation submissions, active roles at any NOGA seminars;
+ Possibility to participate in undertaking (at pro-rated cost burden) joint research initiatives;
+ Possibility to participate (at pro-rated cost burden) in joint NOGA litigation and legal representation;
+ Possibility to participate in NOGA undertaking joint Responsible Gambling support and anti-match fixing and anti-problem gambling initiatives;
+ Certified legal translations of all relevant laws, regulations and policies.
+ Access to other NOGA (Associated) Members and B2B Partners;
+ Access to NOGA (sponsored) events such as webinars, conferences et cetera;
+ Access to NOGA (sponsored) research.