Becoming a member of NOGA


The Nederlandse Online Gambling Associatie (hereafter: ‘NOGA’) is a Dutch association with full legal effect. The General Assembly that consists of all members, is in charge. The General Assembly mandated the day to day management and setting of its internal policies to the Board of Directors. The Board is supported by a managing director, reporting to the Board.

Currently all constituent Members are entitled to and have a seat on the Board. This is likely to change in the near future, when the number of members increases.


NOGA is open for accession by all online gambling operators and B2B companies of good standing and that are or want to become active on the Dutch market. (Associated) Membership or B2B Partnership can be obtained by sending a formal application form (in email to, addressed to the chairman of the Board of Directors of NOGA, setting out the membership form you wish (Membership, Associated Membership or B2B Partnership).

Remote Gambling Licence Application

It is a requirement for operators that are or want to become (Associated) Members or B2B Partner to – when possible, either have applied for a remote gambling licence in the Netherlands, or as the situation may be, operators that have applied or will apply for a remote gambling licence in the Netherlands, before April 1, 2022. This licence requirement is due to change after the transitional regime of the motion Postema will have ended. This requirement does not apply to (associate) members and/or B2B Partners who do not have a B2C offer in the Netherlands and only focus on B2B activities in the Netherlands.

Due Diligence and Accession Agreement

The Board will assess all (Associate) Membership and B2B Partnership applications, including by the performance of a due diligence, and will – under normal circumstances – approve the application. Any acceding (Associated) Member or B2B Partner will be asked to sign an accession document and to explicitly subscribe to the stated goals and by laws of the association.

Accession and termination

It is possible to become (Associated) Member or B2B Partner throughout the calendar year; the (Associated) Membership or B2B Partnership fee will be charged on a pro-rated basis, and will become due on the accession date. Terminating an (Associated) Membership or B2B Partnership is only possible, ultimately three months before the end of the calendar year, in writing to the chairman of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors upon request and at its own discretion, may decide to allow a termination to go in effect during the calendar year before the three last months of the calendar year.

(Associated) Membership and B2B Partnership

(Associated) Membership and B2B Partnership is open to legal entities (and not natural persons), registered in the European Union, the EEA and the United Kingdom.

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VAT Shifting

Foreign Members, Associated Members and B2B partners with their legal seat outside the Netherlands may shift their VAT under applicable VAT rules. Whether or not this applies to the individual Member, Associated Member and B2B partner is and remains the sole responsibility of the individual Member, Associated Member and B2B partner and should be indicated at accession so NOGA may invoice correctly.