At its launch, NOGA was given a number of objectives and principles

I. The objectives of the association are:

a) to provide a platform for, and to support and cooperate with the regulated (online) gambling providers and other related stakeholders and to represent and promote the interests of these (online) gambling providers and stakeholders in the Netherlands in order to guarantee a well-regulated, attractive, non-discriminatory and safe online and offline gambling market in the Netherlands and to promote and encourage a legal and licensed regime;

b) to provide information and data about (online) gambling games and related topics such as responsible gambling, player safety and sports integrity to interested parties in the Netherlands and to consumers, in the furtherance of the interests of her members, consumers and the Dutch population;

c) to encourage high integrity standards within the (online) gambling sector, in the interests of its members and associated members and the Dutch adult consumer and to protect and enhance the position and image of (online) gambling operators in the (online) gambling industry;

d) to promote a healthy, fair and future-proof (online) gambling climate in the Netherlands;

e) to ensure that consumers are able to choose and play responsibly while being adequately protected, which entails preventing fraud and problem gambling and directly tackling gambling addiction;

f) to support social responsibility within the (online) gambling industry through various measures such as supporting good causes, the Dutch healthcare sector, responsible gambling initiatives and the treatment of problem players and relevant scientific studies;

g) to publish articles, press releases, leaflets and other printed matter to promote the branch association and her activities;

h) to inform the Dutch government, the Netherlands Gambling Authority and other stakeholders about the impact of legislation and regulations on the (online) gaming industry and its providers; and

i) to represent the common interests of the members of the association or the interests of a specific group of members, explicitly including conducting legal proceedings, and to perform anything related to the above in the broadest sense of the word.

II. The association pursues these objectives by, amongst other things:

a) providing an organisation for the purpose of promoting the interests of its members;

b) representing its members and giving effect to their views and opinions and to act as the spokesperson for the (online) gaming industry in the Netherlands;

c) proactively maintaining contact with all interested parties;

d) keeping members up to date, informed and involved;

e) promoting a regulated, safe, fair and healthy (online) gambling market and being an expertise forum for all interested parties and to promote and encourage a legal and licensed regime;

f) to promote the possibility to offer the latest (online) gambling products to Dutch consumers;

g) providing information and encouragement to the public as regards responsible gambling;

h) adopting a leading role in the industry and as regards entering into/encouraging discussion about responsible (online) gambling;

i) combating gambling addiction, participation by minors, fraud and money laundering;

j) promoting integrity in sports betting;

k) promoting the highest standards of transparency, integrity and honesty in the industry;

l) engaging in the collecting, publishing and providing information such as expert studies and figures and (inter-) national sharing of data, experience and best practices at local level with members;

m) promoting sound and fair legislation and regulations, policies and regulatory supervision;

n) guaranteeing effective and fair taxation;

o) engaging in the international linking and exchange of information and expertise with sister organisations;

p) conducting proceedings as well as (claimant, added, intervening or defendant) party in and out of court as well as taking precautionary or urgent measures as well as making arrangements, provisions and settlements, both for the interests of the association and those of the members.

III. The association is not-for-profit.