IBIA,H2 & NOGA: Major new study reveals the optimum approach to betting regulation

evaluates the regulation in 20 jurisdictions

examines the impact of product restrictions

determines the cost of match-fixing

9 June 2021: The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), along with its partners including Nederlandse Online Gambling Associatie (NOGA), have published a first of its kind study assessing the regulation of betting in 20 jurisdictions across six continents and covering a range of licensing models. The study has been conducted by leading global gambling data and intelligence company H2 Gambling Capital, which was commissioned to evaluate the strengths and weakness of various regulatory frameworks for betting around the world. Consideration was also given to the effectiveness of betting product restrictions, along with the cost of match-fixing to the regulated betting sector globally. The resulting report includes:A jurisdictional ranking using five core assessment criteria: Great Britain highest, India lowest

– An optimum betting market solution in the form of ten regulatory pillars

– An evidence-based assessment of the availability of betting products and the cost of match-fixing

– Key findings generated from operator data covering $137bn (€115bn) of betting turnover

– Consideration of the integrity risk: no corruption issues identified in 99.96% of markets  

– A data-led evaluation revealing $25m pa cost from match-fixing to the regulated sector

The study involved detailed fiscal and integrity data from many of the world’s leading regulated betting operators representing nearly 50% of all commercial online betting globally. Those operators feed into the largest customer account-based integrity system in the world through IBIA. Gambling trade associations the BGC, BOS, EGBA, Jdigital and NOGA were also involved as project partners in the study.

David Henwood, Director of H2, said: “Our assessment of the various regulatory models in operation around the world has determined the key factors that are most likely to generate a successful well-regulated betting market: unlimited licensing, competitive GGR tax, wide product offering, integrity provisions and balanced advertising parameters. That position and our betting product and integrity evaluation is based on the most extensive and detailed collection of market data that has ever been assembled. The report’s findings are therefore unique and illuminating.”  

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, said: “The study and its contents can rightly be justified as unprecedented. H2 has conducted a detailed examination of product data covering $137bn in turnover, along with its own market data. The result is a report that provides a never seen before insight into global consumer demand, integrity risks and regulatory practices. In doing so, it reveals the core facets of a successful regulatory framework for betting. IBIA hopes that these evidenced-based findings will assist the important ongoing global betting and integrity debate.”

Peter-Paul de Goeij, managing director of NOGA, said: “This report comes at a very important time for the Dutch sports betting market. For the first time in history, Dutch consumers will have free and ample choice in sportsbetting providers. The Dutch sportsbetting regulations are adequate but in some cases such as for instance some of the black listed competitions or ban on bets on corners, we fear, restrictions may turn out to be counter effective. The results of this study, we hope will benefit the policymakers and gambling authority in ensuring gamblers are effectively channelled towards the legal offer and sports integrity is further reinforced.”

The Optimum Betting Market report and additional animation graphics relating to the report can be found here. IBIA publishes quarterly reports covering the integrity alerts reported through its monitoring and alert platform which can be viewed here. IBIA can be contacted at info@ibia.bet.

H2 Gambling Capital

H2 – a global analyst company based in the UK – is widely recognised as the leading independent authority regarding market data and intelligence on the gambling industry. The intelligence generated by H2’s industry forecasting model has become the most quoted source regarding the sector in published company reports, transaction documentation and sell-side analysts’ notes, as well as in the trade/business media. Its databank covers over 230 world markets, circa 2m data points and 5-year forecasts currently to 2026e. www.h2gc.com

International Betting Integrity Association

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), formerly known as ESSA, is the leading global voice on integrity for the regulated betting industry. Its monitoring and alert platform is a highly effective anti-corruption tool that detects and reports suspicious activity on its members’ betting markets. The association has longstanding information sharing partnerships with leading sports and gambling regulators to utilise its data and prosecute corruption. It represents the sector at high-level transnational policy discussion forums. www.ibia.bet

Betting and Gaming Council

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) is the standards body that represents the regulated betting and gaming industry, including land-based casinos, bookmakers and online operators. BGC membership consists of nearly 100 companies, including most of the world’s largest licensed online gambling operators and software providers. They provide regulated online gambling services to tens of millions of customers. www.bettingandgamingcouncil.com

Nederlandse Online Gambling Associatie

The Nederlandse Online Gambling Associatie (NOGA) is the industry association and advocate for online gambling companies who are committed to a safe, responsible and attractive online offer in the Netherlands. NOGA promotes constructive dialogue and works in close cooperation and consultation with the Dutch government and other actors to achieve an appropriate legislative framework that provides for an open licensing system in which the consumer is protected and the integrity in the market ensured. www.no-ga.nl 

Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling

The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, Branschföreningen för Onlinespel (BOS), represents more than 20 B2C gambling companies and B2B game developers that operate on the Swedish market. All gambling companies that are BOS members must hold a Swedish licence. BOS works for a sound and safe gambling market characterized by strong consumer protection where all gambling companies have equal rights and responsibilities. www.bos.nu

Spanish Online Gambling Trade Association

Jdigital is a non-profit association whose main objective is to promote safe and responsible online gambling activity. Jdigital works to achieve a balanced and competitive regulation, which provides an open and safe online market. The association seeks to protect the interests of consumers and gambling operators, ensuring operators comply with their obligations. Jdigital currently represents more than 80% of licenced online gambling operators in Spain, together with payment platforms and other related industries. www.jdigital.es

European Gaming and Betting Association

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is the Brussels-based trade association representing the leading online gaming and betting operators established, licensed and regulated within the EU. EGBA works together with national and EU regulatory authorities and other stakeholders towards a well-regulated and well-channelled online gambling market which provides a high level of consumer protection and takes into account the realities of the internet and online consumer demand. www.egba.eu