Reaction NOGA on ruling lottery licences

Amsterdam, 10 March 2021. NOGA has taken note of the decision of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State (the Division), The Netherlands’ highest general administrative court.  Unfortunately, the Division has seen insufficient objections in the decision of the Netherlands Gambling Authority (Ksa) of September 2019, in which it again privately amended the name of the Lotto and Staatsloterij licences.

In March 2019, the Division already ruled that the Ksa was not allowed to privately amend the name of the licence of the lottery providers tacitly and that it should have assessed whether the change of the name complied with the basic requirements of European law. NOGA regrets that the Division, in its opinion on the new decision of the Ksa, has come to the conclusion that the amendment in the name of the lottery licences, does this time around not violate European law.

NOGA once again underlines the importance of a level playing field between all providers, especially in the he Dutch gambling market, which, until the hoped-for opening by 1 April, is mainly dominated by monopolies.

NOGA calls on all parties involved to now in joint cooperation and in trust ensure a healthy, safe and attractive gambling climate in the Netherlands; a gambling market in which consumers have a truly safe and reliable choice.